Decorative and Functional Art Pieces

Buddha Box: Life

Cast and Kiln-formed Glass, Steel, Copper, Incense tray.

13'h x 13'w x 3'd (plus 3.5" hanger)


Specious Species Studies

Buddha Box: Love

Cast and Kiln-Formed Glass, Steel, Copper, Incense Tray.

13"h x 13"w x 3"d (plus 3" hanger)


Walking The Dog

     (Swamp Gas)

Approx 31.5"w x 21"h x 1.5"d

Kiln-Formed Glass, Reclaimed Barn Wood, Copper, Steel, Haiku


Area 138

Wind & Sea

Kiln-Formed Glass, Hickory, Copper

Approx 11"w x 9"h x 1.25" d


Tenaya Creek Bridge

Kiln-Formed Glass

Approx 20"h x 16.5"w x .75"d


 Memories of California


Kiln-Formed Glass with Reclaimed

Barn Wood & Copper with Haiku

Approx 26"w x 18"h x 1.5" d


Kiln-Formed Glass with Reclaimed Barn Wood, Copper, Haiku

Approx 23"w x 18" h x 1.5"d


Carefree Mask of Youth

Hopes & Fears & Rainbow Dreams

Gator Walks in Swamp

Feng Shui

Elements for Life in Balance

Kiln-Formed Glass, Rock, Metal 

framed in pine, suede mat

Approx 30"h x 12"w x 2.5"d


 An Artist's Life

            - My Joyful Journey


Kiln-Formed Bowl

13" round


Uncage Wild Spirits

Let The Birds Fly Thru Blue Sky

Roam Free Evermore

DayTripping: Lake Arrowhead

Kiln-Formed Glass with sand & Shell, Metal Stand

Approx 17.5"h x 13.25w x 3.5"d (at base)


Maggie Spencer

          Unique Kiln-Formed Glass

They Come Do They Stay

What Gleep Speedle Oop Zabah

Who Amongst Us Now

Laundry Day

Kiln-formed Glass Triptych

Approx 33"h x 67.5w x .5" d as displayed


Art In Round Form

Kiln-formed Plate

15" round



Kiln-Formed Plate

16" square