Kiln-Formed Glass with Reclaimed

Barn Wood & Copper with Haiku

Approx 26"w x 18"h x 1.5" d


Tenaya Creek Bridge

Kiln-Formed Glass

Approx 20"h x 16.5"w x .75"d


Area 138

Carefree Mask of Youth

Hopes & Fears & Rainbow Dreams

Gator Walks in Swamp

Art In Round Form

Kiln-formed Plate

15" round


Uncage Wild Spirits

Let The Birds Fly Thru Blue Sky

Roam Free Evermore

They Come Do They Stay

What Gleep Speedle Oop Zabah

Who Amongst Us Now

Feng Shui

French Laundry

Kiln-formed Glass Triptych

Approx 33"h x 67.5w x .5" d as displayed


Specious Species Studies

Maggie Spencer

          Unique Kiln-Formed Glass

 Memories of California


Kiln-Formed Glass with Reclaimed Barn Wood, Copper, Haiku

Approx 23"w x 18" h x 1.5"d


 An Artist's Life

            - My Joyful Journey

Decorative and Functional Art Pieces

Buddha Box: Love

Cast and Kiln-Formed Glass, Steel, Copper, Incense Tray.

13"h x 13"w x 3"d (plus 3" hanger)


Wind & Sea

Kiln-Formed Glass, Hickory, Copper

Approx 11"w x 9"h x 1.25" d


Elements for Life in Balance

Kiln-Formed Glass, Rock, Metal 

framed in pine, suede mat

Approx 30"h x 12"w x 2.5"d


DayTripping: Lake Arrowhead

Kiln-Formed Glass with sand & Shell, Metal Stand

Approx 17.5"h x 13.25w x 3.5"d (at base)


Walking The Dog

     (Swamp Gas)

Approx 31.5"w x 21"h x 1.5"d

Kiln-Formed Glass, Reclaimed Barn Wood, Copper, Steel, Haiku


Buddha Box: Life

Cast and Kiln-formed Glass, Steel, Copper, Incense tray.

13'h x 13'w x 3'd (plus 3.5" hanger)