My studio has been located in Laguna Canyon for over 25 years, and is the site of dozens of exciting glass workshops year-round.  I exhibited in the Sawdust Art Festival for 23 consecutive years, and served for 7 years as chair/trustee for the Sawdust Art Enrichment Fund (SAEF), taking art experiences to underserved populations.

Maggie Spencer

          Unique Kiln-Formed Glass


The Studio Cat

About the Artist

...or "Why I Do I Do What I Do"...

I began working with glass as a hobby in the ‘70’s while studying Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine. Though I soon abandoned those studies, I kept the enthusiasm for glass, and in 1993 it became my career. I continually learn new glass techniques that keep my art work evolving, energetic and exciting. 
     Born into the exuberant post-war era, I saw the middle-American lifestyles becoming a little less conventional, the binds of tradition loosening. Bold new patterns and unprecedented color combinations were revitalizing American decor. Architecture was defying gravity with wild angles and pronounced shapes. Pan-Asian and Tiki influences provided a hep vibe.
     Through  cultural revolutions, including the civil-rights movement, the Vietnam War, the struggle for gender equality, and the fall of Communism, my generation developed a defiance of the norm with outlandish culture and pronounced urbanity.
     Whether it is cosmic 50’s, psychedelic 60’s, graffiti 70’s, or the aging boomers’ desire for a simpler “Feng Shui” way of life, I strive to capture the exhilarating mood that defined my life. 
     I love working with color and texture. I fire my kiln every day, experimenting and observing how the glass reacts with other objects, such as copper, steel, and basic elements. It is like the ultimate science experiment, So perhaps I didn’t abandon a career in science after all...