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"UnNatural Selection"

Still time to be inspired!

Unique works of art have capricious colors, shapes, imagery... infusing humor into the pan-Asian Zen philosophy of a more joyful and enriched life.

...Capturing an exhilarating mood!

Maggie Spencer

          Unique Kiln-Formed Glass

A Joyful Journey of Zen

Semi-Retirement Approaches!

My studio will be permanently closing the end of May 2023.

I will still be creating, but from home-base. An online store is in the future!

Maggie’s studio is a HEP and HAPPENING place! Located in Laguna Canyon for over

30 years, it has hosted FUN and 

EXCITING events year-round...  

Glass Fusion Instruction is still 

​available through mid-May.  Check out

the Events and Workshops page!